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Don't Violate Rules | Print |
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Rules of any institution or Law or Society are meant for the safety and welfare of the people. These rules are applicable to all the people uniformly without any discrimination or favour.

To understand clearly, a few examples are listed below.

1) Road rules not only make your drive safely and also protect the lives of those moving on the road, pedestrians or other vehicles.

2) Office rules provide for the discipline and conduct of the work in a congenial and systematic manner.

3) Rules of a Coop society enable its members to make transactions in a transparent and uniform method.

4) Rules of Regulating Body prevent the unfair and unhealthy practices of marketing and competition among the countries, business firms, people.

5) Rules of a Public Transport company prevent unauthorized entry and carriage.

However, Rules should be changed in tune with the needs of the time also. Never try to bend the rules to suit your convenience or to favour somebody. Always respect the Rules of the land wherever you be.

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