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Whenever you decide to make an official or personal trip to a place, the next immediate question that comes to your mind is "what are all the things required for travel and stay during that trip?

The list of things would vary from person to person depending on the life style, mode of travel, period of stay and also the peculiarities of the destination itself. Instead of bothering yourself with the things to be included and remembered for your trip, it is better to follow a system to ensure a safe and pleasant journey.

Generally all preparations prior to your travel can be structured into a pattern. To put it differently, this exercise of planning your travel can be simplified by identifying and listing the items in the form of a check list which you can refer to whenever you need to undertake any travel.

The most easiest and must-for-all check list is presented here. This list can be called as Packing List as it reminds you about the things to be packed before commencing the actual travel.

1) Clothes like towels, napkins and garments are the foremost to be considered for packing.

2) Medicines and their prescriptions and also the health card form the vital items to carry during the travel. They come in handy when you need to consult a local doctor or hospital in the places you land.

3) Flip flop sandals that provide comfort to your feet.

4)Books for reading during the travel. The physical books are chosen mostly as they are superior to the e-books.

5) Spectacles and sunglasses for your vision and pleasure.

6) Pen torch for emergency. This may turn out to be redundant if you possess a smart phone with torch application in it.

7) Knife helps in cutting and peeling of fruits and also for emergency situations.

8) Lock for your baggage and luggage to ensure safety and security.

9) Pouches or zip lock bags for keeping the toiletries and other articles like comb, toothbrush, paste and cell phone chargers, etc...

10) Foldable bags (bag within bag) to hold the articles that you shop during the travel.

11) Documents like insurance papers, driving license, tickets, passport, visa, etc...

12) Last but not the least is the addresses and other details of the destination.

The best method  is to keep one box or bag containing one set of all these items ready, if you can afford. Remember,comfort saved is more important than the money saved without any use.

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