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The best source of any information is a Book. Without the books, whether traditional or modern, the offline or online, our life is a Big zero. Books form the best companion when you are alone.

You can read or write or publish or print a book. Whatever be the purpose, a Book serves to enhance and empower our knowledge and skills.

Book-Reading is a Hobby for many of us while Writing a Book, whatever be the subject or topic, is a hobby for many authors. 

Always we should read good books so that we stand to gain new information and skill. Generally, the Books dealing in Self-improvement, Health, Knowledge and Spiritualism are widely read all over the world. Good books( here I mean only the traditional printed books) can be identified by browsing through 1) Author name 2)Publisher name 3)Quality of paper used 3) Table of Contents 4) Reviews made earlier 5) Index page.

The Power of Habit: Why We Do, What We Do, and How to Change This is the book of Pulitzer prize winning author Charles Duhigg who shares on how to harness the science behind habits in order to build better businesses, communities, and lives in his book The Power of Habit. This Book is available in prnit and eBook editions at Amazon. (Click the book title to buy this book)

You should definitely and randomly read the pages of the book to satisfy about the contents or the subject discussed.Through experience of buying several books, you will master the above tricks.

Some people use their books as pillows to sleep.

The best way to dispose of  your old and unused books is to gift them to the needy or the local library.

People, who make the best and constructive use of their books, tend to lead a Happy life.That too eBooks are user and Eco-friendly. Some of the useful eBooks written by the author of this site available online are.

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