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Habits Decide Your Health
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Those people who pursue systematic and disciplined methods always lead a healthier life than the people having erratic and irregular habits.

Eating at a particular time is a good habit as it helps you maintain your health.Similarly, indulging in one activity at a time is a good habit as you can focus and concentrate in a particular issue without building the avoidable stress within you.

Some people have a habit of smoking with a restriction on the puffs per day. Again, this habit is injurious to their health.

So, your habits can be grouped into two categories as Good and Bad. But do remember only the good habits will maintain and enhance your health and general well-being.

Adopt the following 8 best  practices as your habits  to keep you in good stead and shape.

1) Regularly do some physical exercises like Walking, Jogging, Skipping, Cycling, etc depending upon your age? Morning or Evening time is ideal. 'Pranayama' is the best as it trains the mind and body as well. But remember to do exercise before taking food and bath.

2) Practice meditation for mind relaxation and recharging with freshness. Initially, your mind will go out of control, but with repeated practice you will see the wonderful effects.

3) Never skip or delay your food and always eat at the right time. Eat to satisfy your stomach rather than your tongue. Drink plenty of water every day.

4) Follow a system in your work place. Avoid multi-tasking and prioritize your works and problems based on importance even under difficult conditions, do not develop stress but relax and apply mind with a cool head. Close your eyes and take a deep and long breath in and exhale.

5) Never mix your office and home even if you run the office at home.

6) Take a break from your routine schedules and spend time by visiting your near and dear ones or take a jolly trip to any tourist place or participate in social activities.

7) Have hobbies like watching good movies or reading good books or cleaning your house or gardening.

8) Sound sleep during the night always helps to recharge your mind and body together.If you don't get instant sleep after getting on the bed, try reading boring, a guaranteed method.

Hope the above will see you in the pink of health.


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