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Instead of wasting your hard earned money in seeking out the help from the market, the following natural, practical and easiest methods will help you to build good and natural health.Just apply these methods and see the results at no cost.

Physical fitness: Regularly, do any of the physical exercises like Walking, Jogging, Skipping, Cycling, etc depending upon your age. Morning or Evening time is ideal. But REMEMBER to do the exercises always before food and bath.

Mental Exercise: Meditation is the best for mind relaxation and to gain concentration by focus on one aspect. In the initial stages, the mind will be running out of control but with repeated practice, the results of freshness and powerful mind can be achieved.

Eating habits: 1) Never skip or delay the food. Always eat at the right time (of course, appetite is a must) 2) Avoid Spicy food. Fiber rich food likes greens, nuts, etc and Fresh juices are preferable. 3) Don't eat too much. 4) Eat to satisfy the hunger. 5) Eat to Live. Not as "Live to Eat."

Systematic Approach in your work. 1) Never be in a hurry. Multi-tasking should be avoided. 2) Prioritize your works and problems based on importance 3) Postpone the avoidable things 4) Even if still in a "dilemma "situation, do not develop stress. a) If it is an urgent issue; just relax by any one of these acts. ... -Move away from that place and chat with another person -Drink a cup of coffee or tea; listen to the music of your choice -Close eyes and Take a Deep Breath in and exhale.... -Even play your game in your desktop. b) If the issue can be attended later on, go home and relax ....... When comeback, most probably you would have found the solution. c) If still not resolved, better discuss with other people.

MOST IMPORTANT: Never mix your office and home even if you run office from home.

Break from routine: Few methods are suggested here. 1) Visit your friends or relative or neighbors 2) Take a trip to any Tourist place 3) Participate in social activities 4) Change the room settings like Furniture positions, of your living space every six months 5) Watch good movies. Humor is the best as it relaxes your system completely.

Sleep well: Deep sleep, that too after supper, helps to recharge your mind and body together. Many a person suffers from the lack of sound sleep for the reasons like too active with business or profession and they tend to ignore the salutary effects of sound sleep in the night. If you don't get instant sleep after getting on the bed, try reading books, a guaranteed method.

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