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Thirukkural, meaning 'Sacred couplet,' is a Tamil Classic written by Saint Thiruvalluvar. The author is said to have lived sometime between the 1st century BC and the 8th century AD. It's the only literature translated into many of the world languages. The verses hold a treasure of principles and information that can be applied for any occasions, fields and times, irrespective of religion and race. The book has covered all spheres of life right from 'Praise of God' to ' Sex.'

Thirukkural has three main sections as Righteousness, Resources or Wealth, and Love & Happiness. Under the above three categories, 1330 couplets have been arranged serially into 133 chapters of ten each. The names of the chapters are self-explanatory to understand what the author wanted to preach and guide. You can download the free e-book of Thirukkural from



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