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Retirement Not The End of Life
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Many people think retirement is sitting at home after quitting one's job or vocation.

Actually, life starts again after the so called retirement. Because it is the time when you need to reestablish your links with the old and forgotten relationships of friendship and kinship.

In fact, it is after the retirement , a person has to take care of both self and spouse. Because Your children grow and like to be independent. That feeling becomes stronger after their marriage.

Sathasivam is from a family of farmers. His father and two brothers are farmers. His two sisters are also married to farmers. Sathasivam would work with his father in the farm during morning and evening during his school days. His youger brother studied engineering but Sathasivam advised him to take up organic farming. Sathasivam will join this brother after retirement. Do You know who is this Sathasivam ? Mr Sathasivam has taken charge of the top post of jurisprudence. He is the 40th Cheif Justice of India.

Life after the retirement needs more courage and tolerance to face the moments, sensitive and ever changing.So one needs to be active post retirement to stay in the life race.

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