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Humor and laughter are complementary in nature. Humor makes you to relax and enjoy the life.It enhances the value of our life and longevity.

Seldom you can find people without humor. Even if you happen to come across any one with sadness and loneliness, try the Humor way to recharge and rejuvenate that person. Humor is the only thing ,next only to the Advice, you can share with even unknown people that you may chance to meet. Humor sense is there within each one of us but we rarely give it an opportunity to flourish: because, we are preoccupied with so many other serious engagements. Try to refresh your humor sense by reading the jokes, watching the cartoons like Tom&Jerry . You can join a Humor club in your area to enhance your social connections and health of yourself and others around you.

REMEMBER Humor makes your life simple and enjoyable.And the most important , for a Happy Life of everybody. Here some sample jokes I share with you.

1. During the Intermission of a Movie show, I happened to meet a friend of mine. He asked "You have come for the movie" I said "No!No! Just to meet you "

2. Wife: You tell a man something,it goes in one ear and comes out of the other. Man: If you tell a woman something, it goes in both ears and comes out of the mouth

3. Son: Dad,how much does it cost to get married? Father: I never calculated, I am still paying for it!.

Quotes on Humor

  • "Humour is Mankind's greatest blessing" - Mark Twain
  • "A person without s sense of humor is like a wagon without springs.It's jolted by every pebble on the Road" - Henry Ward Beecher
  • "If I had no sense of humor,I would long ago have committed suicide" - Mahatma Gandhi
  • Warning: Humour may be hazardous to your health.-Ellie Katz


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