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Feeling Stress or Depression?  Don't worry. No need to consult a psychologist. Here are the time tested and proven Eight Simple methods to help rejuvenate your mind.

1) Remain positive: even during times of emergency, as stress hinders creativity.

2) Take mental challenges at yourself, whether it's Sudoku or a game of Scrabble or a round of Origami.

3) Read interesting and useful books.

4) Turn off the television: Do not watch continuously.

5) Have Friends: Maintain friendships, make new ones.

6) Do physical exercise: Run, walk, jog or learn a new sport.

7) Visualize the options to judge the best: lie down, close your eyes, breathe, and begin to picture in audio-visual technicolor how you are going to deal with a particular problem along with its outcome.

8) Mind mapping: Write down a problem or a situation on a paper and then break it down into smaller bits.


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