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Faith is God
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When you understand and surrender to the Selfless God , you need not worry about your self. He takes care of everything of you. But remain faithful and devotional unto Him. You would never feel the sorrows of life ; instead construe them to be the effects of God to test and prepare you for greater happiness. Like rains gladdening the souls of parched lands. Like farmer reaping the harvest after a long wait and toil.

Like Blind Eyes , Dumb mouth,etc..your head becomes useless if it doesn't bow before God.

Faith in Nature is belief in God only. Dedication in service to the fellow beings is actually the service to God. Only with unfailing faith in Almighty ,one can surpass the vicious cycle of life and death.(  Source: Thirukkural, a Tamil Classical Poetry comprising of 1330 simple life-guiding Couplets. This classic has been translated into almost all the world languages)

You should remember God at all times. Even if you can't think about Him throughout each day initially, miss not the three occasions as below.

1. After waking up in the morning, pray " bless me with good day"

2. When eating, thank the god for the good food and everything and also say prayer as " provide me with good sense and love through this food"

3. Before going to sleep, thank Him again for a good day and also seek His grace to retain His thoughts".

Atheism is more than just the knowledge that gods do not exist,and that religion is either a mistake or a fraud. Atheism is an attitude, a frame of mind that looks at the world objectively,fearlessly. Woody Allen once wrote " To You, I'm an atheist.To God, I'm the loyal opposition." Only who realised or felt , they would believe in God. But till then, an atheist only. Electricity in a cable is not believed by a person until he gets shock from it. That's the feeling or belief in God.

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