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Rebirth, Do You Believe?
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Do You Believe in Next Birth? Wish to have a good and superior life? If so,  what must be done?

The individual who remembers the God even during the death is sure to reach Him which is called as ‘Parampada' or "Source". Similarly, the individual will take the form of that which he thinks during the last breath. Therefore, a person must think and talk about the God and His grace. With such dedicated mind and intelligence, you will attain the feet of God undoubtedly.

Undistracted meditation focusing on God is sure to take you to the divinity. Such devoted person is able to control his mind and body with the powers of yoga to remain blessed by God. Therefore make use of the priceless human birth and make selfless service to others with pure devotion towards God to get rid of the rebirth and attain Paramapada.

A person who equally views and does all actions without minding the benefits is said to be a pure Sattvic, wise and true sacrificer. Because, a physical bodied man cannot escape from the duties and ONLY the outcome of such duties can be sacrificed.

The benefits of actions as bad or good or mixture of both, accrue to the person who never sacrifice after death. No such accrual occurs to the sacrificing person.For instance, even if a person, having no pride or desire in any objects or actions, kills anybody, that person will not be bound by any sins or in fact, such person has not done any crime.

Continuous and Unselfish actions of a person enable that person to attain the permanent abode of God. Focus on, pray and devote to God. That is the sure way to reach Him. Submit all your actions to God and then He will take care of you forever. One who spreads the message of Bhagavad Gita is always loved by God. But never to a person who neglects it.

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