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Bhagwan Sri Ramana says

"You see the objects on forgetting your own Self. If you keep hold of your Self, you will not see the objective world"

"Mind's habits are the obstacles which hinder the realization of the Self .To overcome that ,you have to realize the Self"

"If you go the way of your thoughts, you will be carried away by them and you will find yourself in an endless maze. Tracing the source of thoughts,you will realize the Self alone remains in the end" "Self is ever there; Nothing is without it.Be the Self, the desires and doubts will disappear"

"Self realization is the best help possible. But there are no others to be helped"

"The conclusion is that happiness is inherent in man and is not due to any external causes. One must realize his Self in order to open the store of unalloyed happiness"

In all the above statements,Bhagwan refers "Self realization" as to mean the "Realization of the Soul (in Sanskrit, called as "Atma"). "Atma "has its origin in the God (Paramatma in Sanskrit) as per Bhagvad Gita, the song celestial emerged from God himself (who took the form of Sri Krishna).

How can a person who knows that all are divine keep away from the God he recognizes? "I am, he is I, both I and he are kith and kin in Him."This awareness is so thrilling , so satisfying and uplifting, that such a society is the noblest company of the virtuous (Satsang in Sanskrit). It is amply clear that if Human being is to get bliss, the one and only source is to seek the Self and identify himself with the original source "GOD".

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