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  1. Don't Use to make everyday purchases. Items like food, clothing, and gas shouldn't be purchased with a credit card. Using your credit card as a substitute for cash is a habit that can quickly lead to debt. For ordinary purchases, leave your credit card in your wallet and use cash or debit card instead.
  2. Don't Get into the habit of making minimum-only payments. Making only the minimum payment each month increases the amount of time it will take to pay off your debt. It also increases the amount of interest you end up paying. To pay your debts off quicker and cheaper, you should pay as much as you can on your balance each month.
  3. Don't Use  to buy things you can’t afford. Living a borrowed lifestyle is the quickest way to get into debt. If you can’t afford a purchase today, chances are you won’t be able to afford it tomorrow, or even next month.
  4. Don't Closeout a credit card without knowing how your credit will be impacted. There are times when closing a credit card can hurt your credit score. Avoid closing cards that still have a balance or those that make up a significant amount of your credit history.
  5. Don't terminate the dealings with any agency or bank without getting the confirmation of having paid the dues on your card.
  6. Don't exceed your repaying capacity which depends on your income and expenditure pattern.
  7. Always keep track of the transactions done on the card, so that any entries not initiated by you can be traced and taken up with the issuing  agency for rectification promptly.
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