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You get many advantages with e-Banking or Online banking. It is more than paying bills, depositing and checking your balance. Now you can also apply for loans, check the status of your bank account transfers, check your savings accounts, and best of all the checking account booklets would be gone because you can get your bank statements online as well.Managing your finances quickly and efficiently should be something that you're out to learn to do, and with online banking you can easily accomplish this.Most of the banks offer this facility for free, but sometimes it may require a small fee.The following are the major advantages and disadvantages of banking online.


1) Never Closed- This is probably the best convenience as the online facility is available 24 hours a day seven days a week and easily accessible from any computer that has internet access.

2) Available Everywhere- When you are out of town sometimes your bank isn't around. Especially if you're out of state or out of the country. Well, with online banking you're just a mouse click away. You can log on instantly from anywhere to take care of business.

3) Quicker transactions- Usually transactions take a few days to take effect plus the time that you take to get to the bank, stand in lines, and get your monies processed by a teller. Well, everything online is much quicker. You can execute and confirm transactions on the spot.

4) Efficiency- It's extremely efficient to be able to manage all your bank accounts, CD's, saving's accounts, and everything that you do at your local bank branch online from a site that offers awesome security.

5) Effectiveness- Take advantage of more sophisticated tools that include account aggregations, stock quotes, rate alerts and portfolio managing abilities. You can now manage your assets with managing programs offered by most banks and also you will like the fact that most programs such as Quicken and Microsoft Money are compatible with them.

6) No Need for paper statements- Most people want to see bank statements of the current month, but most banks don't send out statements until the following month. With online banking, you will be able to view your statements online and print them out quickly and promptly at the end of each monthly cycle.

7). FREE bill payment options-If you make online bill payments or if you receive online bills then getting into your banks online banking site would work wonders for you. You could set up automatic bank payments from there and all you would have to worry about would be getting the money to your account, the rest would take care on its own. The best part is that you'd have records of every payment made, which would avoid you headaches and clutter in the long run.

8) View check images-Sometimes when you make a check to someone, you end up losing the copy or you end up with a bad copy. If you sign up for online banking you are sure to always have a clear copy of the original check you made for backup. These images also never expire, and they are always available for your viewing. Some banks even allow you to request copies of them for yourself if you wish.

9) Fast view of account activity-Sometimes when you're using a debit card it's hard to keep up with the purchases you make. They make checkbook ledgers, but there's no debit card ledgers out there, which is why it's important to be able to view your recent account activity easily and quickly. That's the main advantage of online banking; you can always view your account activity and it's usually updated on a minute-by-minute basis.

10) Access to all of your banks resources.

Sometimes banks offer calculators, the ability to order extra checks and cards, savings account information, bank transfers, online support, and almost everything that they'd offer you at the bank in person. Online banking will allow you to save time and gas by using allowing you access to all these things 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


1)Takes Time to Begin Online Banking- The disadvantage  is the time taken to become familiar with online banking. This isn't common but sometimes your bank might require you to phone them to confirm your identity or to do something else. Most times though you'll just need to fill in a form, make an ID and a password and set some preferences and security questions for yourself.

2) Navigation Isn't The Easiest- Banking sites aren't the easiest to navigate. They are usually not made the way we're used to many sites. In most cases, they'll be unfamiliar to users, but there are always tutorials available to make you more comfortable using the website. Technical support is also always available through e-mail or chat.

3) Changes in Formats- Sometimes the large banks periodically update their programs to add features or correct bugs. In some cases, you will have to re-enter or re-apply to bank online. This can be an inconvenience, but just think about how secure you are because of updates.


4) Trust Issues- This is the biggest disadvantage ever. Many people think that online banking can be a scam, that in can put in jeopardy everything you have with your bank. People are very leery of what they can do; they think they'll ruin everything. They don't trust. Most people should know thought that there is still support just in case you do anything that you shouldn't have done. There are records of everything done and anything and everything can be fixed by just calling your bank or sending an e-mail for help.
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