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Life is short but ridden with a plethora of issues of varying nature and intensity. A person gains experience and expertise through age and encounter with problems. One small step alone makes us reach several destinations. One small idea only opens the way for establishing great kingdoms and landmarks. Anything small is beautiful and easy to handle also. Everything has a small beginning: Kid, Puppy, Cub, and so on. The significance of many small aspects is overlooked and unknown to many of us. A few examples of them are illustrated hereunder to drive the point home.

Food: A pinch of salt makes the food tasty and palatable. An invisible yeast helps the Baker and the distillery. Small seed produces the fruit, vegetable and nuts. Tiny bait traps a big fish. A chili might be short, but its pungency adds taste and flavor. Minuscule mustard gives strength and taste. Diminutive clove has a great aroma and medicinal value.

Machinery: Any vehicle starts by pressing a small button only. A small hole sinks the huge ship. Tiny screw ensures the flight's safety. Application of a little grease keeps a machine running smoothly.

Workplace: An erroneous punctuation renders the whole sentence meaningless and awkward. A clerical error costs a huge loss to the bank. Small password opens a computer. Small cog wheel runs a clock. A little smile relaxes the tense situation. Tiny chip controls the computer. A slim SIM card enhances our life. Small spark destroys the whole business. Minute aperture in a camera captures the panoramic scene.

Resources: Several raindrops make the valuable water and a devastating deluge as well. Piggy savings help in an emergency. Small bricks constitute a palace. Little candle brings life to a dark place. A needle enables to stitch and wear clothes. Each cell makes our physique. A gene carries an individual's personality.

Health: An obscure virus challenges the giant life. A food bit trapped between the teeth bothers the face much. A nap recharges the fatigued mind. Small stone irritates the feet more than a big rock. Little joy makes our life charming. Medicine cures the disease when given in a small dose. Any food harms if consumed in large quantity. Do not neglect a bruise that may otherwise spoil your health.

Warfare: An inch of incursion ignites the duel between nations. A remote button fires the missiles across the frontiers. A destructive explosion occurs due to the release of enormous energy from a relatively small matter (nucleus).

Morality: Never allow small mistakes to repeat. They embolden us to commit grave crimes. A black patch makes the whole cloth dirty. A honest person loses the name when a small offence is exposed.

Small grass stands firm, but the tall tree gets uprooted during a storm. Likewise, even a long relationship breaks up when a littleĀ suspicion creeps in. Therefore, never ignore or underestimate anything as small or trifle.