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History shows that great leaders and scholars had maintained their identity throughout their life. That gave them charisma and followers. Identity crisis arises for three main reasons; the sheepish mentality, lack of individuality and intense competition. With the unique talents and skills only, a person can shine and set an exemplary record in his chosen field. For instance, Charlie Chaplin created his own brand of comedy that conveyed the life's hard reality. Nobody can imitate him, because any originality has only one life. In India, a Tamil actor maintained a revolutionary image throughout his film career to spread the good things of life and became the darling of the masses. Later on, he became the Chief Minister of the Tamilnadu state. Here, the significance of keeping an identity is highlighted.

Education. Right from the kindergarten to the college level, parents decide the educational need of their wards purely based on the status, market demand, and income prospects. Actually, education is thrust on the kids without caring for the individual capacity and aptitude. Many a times, English is preferred over the mother tongue as the former has the global presence and acceptance.

Profession and business. Many people simply copy the methods and practices of those already proved in the field. People seek foreign employment and settle abroad forgetting the roots in the home country. People are ready to give up their originality for the sake of promotions, money, and other favors.

Medicine. The value of traditional and indigenous medication has been forgotten as the Allopathy is squeezed to favor the products of MNCs made part of other medicines. In fact, the efficacy and wholesome effects of the local systems like Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Homeopathy, etc. are sidelined. They are shown as unscientific and made supplementary to the English medicine.

Lifestyle. Copying the lifestyles and cultures of others leads to more harm. One must understand the values of the native lifestyle. For instance, the use of cell phones is proved to harm human health. Yoga remains the best for physical and mental fitness. However, copying the good things is advisable. An ordinary man cannot afford an affluent life.

Religion. Renouncing one's own religion just for worldly reasons like status, money, and power makes him very mean. Such a person will not only lose the identity, but credibility in the society.

History. Generally, the past events are twisted to the advantage of the previous rulers. The British scripted India's history based on their convenience and perceptions by concealing the facts and truths. The present rulers of a nation  boast of their leaders as champions of society relegating the greatest achievements and sacrifices of other leaders in the background.

Food and Health. Depending on the physical and mental make-ups, a person should decide his eating and other habits for good health and happiness. A diabetic man must refrain from eating sugary dishes instead of getting tempted by the indiscriminate consumption by a stranger.

Imitating anything leads to the loss of one's identity per se. Sometimes it invites dangers too. Do not compromise your individuality, because it earns you recognition from others. That is possible only when you do good to others. So, explore your individuality with a positive attitude. Definitely, it rewards though belatedly.

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