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Wishing Happiness Forever
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The Pandemic - Covid2019

A Fall-out of Competition for Power

And Exploitation of Nature.

Invisible thing lacking grace

Intends to decimate human race.

Invades lungs so harsh

Incubators to rescue, rush.

Nations boasting Superpower

Not knowing to control forever.

Governments scurry with plans

Giving Quarantine and Lockdowns.

Tremendous service and sacrifice

Tendered by souls of health and public service.

Besides hampering livelihood

Brought effects of Good.

Everyone grows conscious

Endorsing health as auspicious.

Kids rejoice with parents at home

Kith and Kin reunion to bloom.

Water and Air with less strain

Want of pollution and drain.

Birds and Animals feel freed

Bouncing on every land.

Sun and Moon look bigger

Shining more brighter.

Gracefully Nature reminds

Greed and Pride when overtake us.

Common Sense: Scarcest Commodity

Generally, with the rise in literacy and income levels, the standard of living should go up. This is not so with the present society.  Most people boast of having senses like the Knowledge sense, Money sense, Digital sense, Health sense, Dress sense, Civic sense, etc. However, they have little or no idea of Common sense, the vital aspect of the life. In fact, they will rebuke as " What is it, Nonsense? Some might even search this on the Internet while few would equate it with the Google.

The educated people tend to display less of this sense than the illiterates. The human mind has become blunt with the advent of computers to the extent that people have almost lost their memory and mental capacities. For anything and everything, they seek the help of computer and Internet. A stage will come when man will not have any thinking and  reasoning powers and will become slave of the digital devices(robots).

What is 'Common Sense?

Mother of All Problems

Success in life depends on several aspects like education, friendship, intelligence, sincerity, etc. However, the lack of initiative spoils the life, even though a person possesses good education and other attributes. A famous business firm was wound up due to the indolence and apathy of the stake holders. Laziness is actually a disorder borne out of selfish attitude. One that gets rid of this is said to be wise and awaken. A person should work hard throughout life excepting in situations like sickness, fatigue, etc. Even the animals and birds remain busy, but the six-sensed man prefers to be lazy and casual. Observe the Ants, Bees and Squirrels for understanding the activeness. 'How the laziness affects our life' is described here below.

Every Day is A Happy Beginning

Every day turns up to say Hello to all of us. But the whole world celebrates and cherishes this First day of January only.

Why not we make it a habit to feel and celebrate each and every day of any year as to have motivation and a sense of positivism.

Just think of how the whole world will be if each one of us is bubbling with cheers and happiness all through the year

The pomp and spirit should not end at the end of the first day of a year.That too a NEW YEAR.

Time is Invaluable

My definition for TIME is Tricky Irreversible Moment Ever: Because time is elusive, faster and never retractable. We can buy anything but not Time. Such is the value of time. So Time is precious and invaluable.The significance of Time is realized by many people only after they suffer from it.

Any action that is not done in the right time is bound to have unfavoruable or even adverse impact. For instance, kids should concentrate in their activities of study and play during the childhood. Youngsters must learn and exercise more during their teen age. Grownups should strive to sharpen their skills and talents by taking up a job or profession. When you become economically independent, get married.

Thirukkural, A Universal Guide

Thirukkural, meaning 'Sacred couplet,' is a Tamil Classic written by Saint Thiruvalluvar. The author is said to have lived sometime between the 1st century BC and the 8th century AD. It's the only literature translated into many of the world languages. The verses hold a treasure of principles and information that can be applied for any occasions, fields and times, irrespective of religion and race. The book has covered all spheres of life right from 'Praise of God' to ' Sex.'

Thirukkural has three main sections as Righteousness, Resources or Wealth, and Love & Happiness. Under the above three categories, 1330 couplets have been arranged serially into 133 chapters of ten each. The names of the chapters are self-explanatory to understand what the author wanted to preach and guide. You can download the free e-book of Thirukkural from

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Facts on Life

Mahatma Gandhi, Father of India, said.

" Where there is love, there is life. You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. A Nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people."

Read more on Him at Mahatma Gandhi-Father of India.

Death and Its Perspectives.

The word 'Life' connotes activeness and consciousness. When a seed germinates, we say it has life; otherwise, it is dead. The absence of life in an organism or part of it is referred as death. When a branch of a tree might be dead, the tree remains alive. A person can be alive physically with the heart beating, but the brain dead.

Vital 7 Don'ts of Internet Banking
Digital banking is the essential aspect of our financial life. One should be careful while transacting online and follow the vital 7 don't s given here to avoid the upsets and loss arising out of the frauds by anti-social elements. 
"Colors of Life"

"Colors of Life" is the refined and rejuvenated version of the verses that the author wrote with utmost poetic love. In our life the idea emerges in every situation. We cannot control the power of ideas. The ideas take birth and if they are not nurtured properly, then those ideas never get the right shapes. These ideas can arise in different situations like dealing with the customers, dealing with relationships with family friends. But most of the time we do not get focused on these ideas.

Book available @Author of this website

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