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Have You Ever Met God
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Definitely, every one of us have in one way or other smelt or seen or realized GOD.

Many a times we tend to wish that God should appear in person to prove his presence in the world.That is not the case, in reality. Do you think that you need to be present in your office for the routine things   to move? Is it possible for you to appear wherever or whenever required by your office? When you are able to run your office or business  without your physical presence, Why not God prefer to dispense with the wish of every person that pretends to believe him only when he  appears in person? Whatever we see in this world is the manifestation of God only.

Let us appreciate the methods and means by which God has manifested in the Nature. The most essentials for our life are provided in                  abundance and free of cost: sunshine, rain, sir, land, fruits, timber, honey, etc... But the selfish human beings forget these gifts from Nature        and claim the ownership. They fight among themselves and paralyze the balance of Nature. Ultimately they end up in the very happiness and peace  of life.


Mahatma Gandhi never had faith in God or Hinduism.But he learned to be tolerant towards other religions.He believed that morality is the basis of all  things and that truth forms the substance of all morality. He narrated in his autobiography about the conversation that took place during a funeral  ceremony between the church clergyman and a champion atheist, as below.

"Well, Sir, you believe in the existence of God?" asked the atheist.

'I do' said the good man in a low tone.

"You also agree that the perimeter of the earth is 28000 miles. Don't you" continued the atheist with a smile of confidence.

"Indeed" replied the clergyman. "Pray tell me then, the size of your god and where he may be?" again quipped the atheist.

"Well, if we but knew. He resides in the hearts of us both" replied with a gentle voice.

"Now, don't take me to be a child' said the atheist with a triumphant look. But the clergyman took to a humble silence.

So you can feel God's presence when you 1) interact with the Nature that surrounds you by admiring the sky, birds, rain and landscapes. 2) give food, cloth, money, etc... to others. 3) share joys and sorrows with others. 4) face difficult situations like sickness, loss of dear ones, etc..

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