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Many people complain about the unemployment and underemployment. Truth is always somewhere else. It's them who have to go after the opportunities rather than merely and lazily waiting at home. Only people making efforts stand to prosper, whether old or modern times. One tiny story to elucidate this point. One devotee, hardcore indeed, complained to God as " Lord, you never blessed me with the prize of a lottery which is my regular prayer to you." God simply replied " You first buy a lottery ticket, then come back to me." There are numerous ways to get your favorite job for which you need to search out, online and offline.

With the advent of Internet and the information technology, a host of new avenues and opportunities for online business and employment has been thrown open over the internet. Even the people, who earn regular income, those having well paid jobs and those doing offline business, have chosen these as their secondary and supplementary method of earning money. Though these online opportunities are many, the most reliable and rewarding are listed below.

1. Article marketing: Suitable for those who have a flavor for skillful writing of articles that makes interesting reading on any subject. Here you can promote your own business also. The popular site to market your articles is EzineArticles.

2. Blogging: These are actually spaces of website templates available freely for writing rich contents about the topic in which you are a specialist. The blogs which provide good and original ideas always attract more readers or traffic to them. This strength of the blogs can be used to market your own merchandise or sell the space for placing the Ads of other people. But the products which are relevant to the blog contents make a good sale conversion. Blogger, WordPress, Squidoo are a few to name in this category.

3. Paid Surveys: Take part in surveys when you receive the emails from the sponsoring sites. The earnings accrue as you participate in the surveys and the payment will be made once a minimum amount is reached. Some sample sites are Getpaidsurveys, Globaltestmarket, etc...

4. Data entry: refers to the work of keying in the data provided as per the format and needs of the employer. Generally, the past experience and performance record are considered by the employer before awarding the work. Freelancer and Elance are the sites generally preferred for data entry works.

5. Email Reading: Here you have to open the emails and click and open the website links listed therein. Example for this is email reading jobs.

6. Mail order business: For selling the products based on the mail orders received in response to your Ad on the internet. Care should be taken to choose the good selling product and manage the logistics and time so as to attract more orders and multiply the income.

7. Product review: You get paid for writing the review about a product. Usually, an unbiased and crisp review makes the buck. Sites "Sponsored reviews" and "Review me" are examples for this category.

8. Affiliate Marketing: Earn a share of the commission or fee through making sales of the products or services of your principal who might be the manufacturer or trader or service provider. This is the best method if you own websites or blogs. Such sales can be secured from Online and offline techniques like the placement of relevant ads in Free or Paid classifieds, personal contacts of friends and relatives and the local business places. The persons conducting these marketing are called as Affiliates or Associates of the concerned sites. The famous online stores like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart offer these online opportunities.

9. EBook publishing: Earn royalties through online publishing of the books written by you. Many sites like Amazon, Lulu offer the easy self-publishing facilities free of cost or at a nominal cost. In addition, these sites take care of marketing, sales and other services including payment at their store and through their associate or partnership firms.

10. Typing works: Both online and offline works can be sourced from many sites. One such site is"Job jungle". You can have a mix of all these to maximize your earnings from the online opportunities.

Before enrolling for these online opportunities, please ensure that you 1) Read and understand the rules and regulations of the concerned site. 2) Have an email account to receive the user Ids and a valid Bank account to receive the payment of earnings made. 3) Choose the work programs which suit your skill, experience and convenience.

Three common mistakes made when signing up for these online opportunities are: 1) Joining too many programs in the hope of getting faster bucks. Actually, you would end up in spending more time and earning less money. There is a very big possibility of you earning much more if you stick to a group of selected programs. 2) Opportunity lost is a cost as you are unable to take full advantage of the other higher earnings opportunities such as submitting entry to online contests and other competitions. 3) Joining the unreliable sites as characterized by their brief internet presence.

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