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Do Not Harm

What you speak does matter to others. So have a pleasant way of telling anything, instead of using harsh and rude tone. It's something like a ripe fruit tasting sweeter than the unripe one. When we speak in a pleasing manner, it adds value to both the speaker and the listener.

Your speech should make the audience feel wanting more from you. There are people that keep on talking without minding whether the other side is interested in their lecture.

So keep your talk short and sweet to appeal to others. Pleasant speech will earn friends. Even the enemies.

Have You Ever Met God

Definitely, every one of us have in one way or other smelt or seen or realized GOD.

Many a times we tend to wish that God should appear in person to prove his presence in the world.That is not the case, in reality. Do you think that you need to be present in your office for the routine things   to move? Is it possible for you to appear wherever or whenever required by your office? When you are able to run your office or business  without your physical presence, Why not God prefer to dispense with the wish of every person that pretends to believe him only when he  appears in person? Whatever we see in this world is the manifestation of God only.


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