Don't Believe Your Eyes
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Generally we judge a person or thing based on what we hear or see.That's the incorrect way of making judgement.

One swallow definitely doesn't make a summer.

'A person coming out of the police station' does not mean the involvement in a crime.

'Driving a luxury car' doesn't make a person rich.

'Wearing simple clothes' should not be mistaken as a poor person. '

Speaking in another language ' doesn't make a person native of that place or region.

'Misbehaviour on one occasion' cannot make a person as bad in nature.

Many of the crimes are borne out of circumstances. But the wrong conviction goes to make a person to repeat the crimes.

If opportunities are given, many such convicts prove their worth. This can be seen from their conduct during their stay in a prison. That's why in a Court of law, sufficient time is given to the accused to present the truth and circumstances of the crime. Only after getting both the views and evidences on the crime, judgement is made. But not based on the circumstances alone.

So next time, do not judge a person or event merely based on what you hear or see only.

Look into the circumstances and evidences and also through close monitoring, you can arrive at a fair conclusion.

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